With a range of different festivals to choose from and thousands of different events on offer throughout the year, some simple planning will help you make the most of your Edinburgh Festivals experience. Follow the links below to find out key information for anyone planning a trip to Edinburgh, the world's leading festival city.

EIF - Welcome World

There are a large selection of travel options for those planning a visit to the Scottish capital - and you'll find comfortable day and night connections with most major UK cities.

Bobby Niven Bothy - EAF

There are lots of accommodation options when planning your trip to Edinburgh. Whether it's a luxury apartment off the Royal Mile or a couch in a student's living room; a family-friendly hotel or a bed for one in a youth hostel, whatever you need.

Fringe - Sophies Surprise

Edinburgh is a compact city which is easy to find your way around, even during the busiest times of the summer festival season. Here are some of our top tips to help you get to where you want to be as quickly and easily as possible.

Fringe - fire artist [credit DMH]

A handful of our favourite independent spots across the city, all perfect for festivalgoers throughout the year

Opening Weekend - EICF

First time visitors often have lots of questions about planning a trip to one of Edinburgh's world-famous festivals.