Scottish International Storytelling Festival


Oral storytelling is a tradition that has been passed down through hundreds of years of exciting and rich cultural heritage. The Scottish International Storytelling Festival breathes life into this historic tradition with live performances and musicians in celebration of the old methods of storytelling.

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival is deeply rooted in Scottish history and tradition. The festival is welcoming to all to share in storytelling, songs and tales.

What makes it special?

  • From storytelling performances to panel discussions, and an engaging family strand of storytelling activities around Halloween, there’s something here for all Festival-goers to get involved with.
  • With the art of storytelling no one performance is the same, with each storyteller using improvisation to help bridge the connection between teller and listener.

  • The festival launched in 1989 and continues to grow and evolve, engaging more people in the magic of storytelling.
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