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Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2024

Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2024

18 - 31 Oct 2024 Visit festival website

Great stories well told can evoke indelible images in the mind of the listener, offering visitors and locals a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary tales, music and characters that bring both our contemporary and traditional culture to life.

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival present world-class storytellers who celebrate the tradition, but also push the modern boundaries of storytelling as well, rooted in the past, resonating in the present.

The Festival takes place in October each year, as the seasons change with long nights drawing families and friends around the hearth, inspired by the Scottish ceilidh tradition and its sense of togetherness – a community gathering full of tales, anecdotes, music, songs and ballads.

What makes it special?

  • Storytelling is about a sense of community, which is shown in the traditional Scottish Ceilidh where people come together and pass on stories and songs from one generation to the next.
  • No one performance is the same, with each storyteller working with the audience to help bridge the connection between teller and listener.
  • From storytelling performances to workshops, outdoor events and an engaging family strand, there's something here for all Festival-goers to get involved with.
  • The festival launched in 1989 and continues to grow and evolve, engaging more people in the magic of storytelling.
  • The main festival hub is the Scottish Storytelling Centre, the world’s first purpose-built Centre for storytelling, from there it spreads across Scotland with numerous partner and local events.
  • Internationalism is vital part of the festival, as stories travel the world and come back in different forms, with different cultural flavours and languages attached.
Storytelling - Daniel Abercrombie credit Neil Hanna

In our festival we present world class storytellers who celebrate tradition but also push the boundaries of what modern storytelling can be: they're rooted in the past but very much resonate in the present.

Daniel Abercrombie, Associate Director, Scottish International Storytelling Festival

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