Why Work With Us

Edinburgh's Festivals are a great opportunity to gain experience in the events industry. The festivals in Edinburgh are some of the most prestigious cultural events in the world, and working at them can provide valuable experience in event planning, production, marketing, and more.

These roles are a chance to work with talented and creative individuals. The festivals bring together artists, performers, and professionals from around the world, providing a unique opportunity to collaborate with and learn from people with diverse backgrounds and skillsets.

It can be a great way to make connections and build your professional network. Working at the festivals can provide opportunities to meet and connect with people in your industry, potentially leading to future job opportunities or collaborations.

Edinburgh is a festival city and working with us is a fantastic way to explore Edinburgh and its cultural offerings. The festivals offer concentrated moments of communal celebration, and often require intensive working hours over delivery periods, offering a unique and rewarding challenge. The festivals showcase a wide range of cultural events, including music, theatre, dance, and visual arts, providing a unique opportunity to experience Edinburgh's rich cultural scene first-hand.

Festivals Edinburgh is currently working in partnership with Creative Edinburgh to create a series of events aimed to demystify roles and opportunities within the festivals. Click on the videos below to hear from our festivals. By clicking on the Vimeo icon, you can access timestamps and more information:


Real Living Wage

All of the Festivals Edinburgh members pay at least the real Living Wage, and have a code of practice on volunteering developed withVolunteer Edinburgh. Further information on the Real Living Wage is avaiable in our 2030 Festival City Vision

Equalities, diversity and inclusion

Festivals Edinburgh is committed to equal, fair and proper employment opportunities. We actively encourage applications from under-represented groups, in particular Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic and disabled candidates.

Environmental Sustainability

Festivals want to ensure that all those working or volunteering with the Festivals are aware of how and why environmental sustainability is important, and how the Festivals are working to embed sustainable practices in their work. You can find out more about the Festivals approaches to environmental sustainability here.

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