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Kids at CAC (credit Edinburgh International Science Festival)

With so many roles there are many different contract types:

Temporary or Seasonal

Both temporary and seasonal jobs are temporary in nature, the main difference is that temporary jobs have a specific end date or duration, while seasonal jobs are only available during a specific time of the year.

  • A temporary role is one that has a specific end date or duration, and is usually done to fill a short-term need at a festival.
  • A seasonal role is one that is only available during a specific time of the year - normally coinciding with the festival taking place.

Entry or Managerial

The main difference between these two types of jobs is the level of responsibility and decision-making authority. Entry-level jobs typically involve following established procedures and protocols, while managerial roles require the ability to make decisions and lead others towards achieving specific goals.

  • An entry-level job is typically a position that requires little to no prior experience or specialised knowledge. These positions are usually geared towards people entering the workforce for the first time after school, college or university, or after a change of career direction.
  • A managerial job requires more experience and specialised knowledge. Managers are responsible for overseeing teams and making important decisions

PAYE Job or freelance or contractor

  • A PAYE (Pay As You Earn) job refers to a position where an employee is hired by a festival and receives a regular salary or wage. The employer deducts taxes and other contributions from the employee's pay in line with the Government’s Pay As You Earn system and the employee is entitled to benefits such as holiday pay, sick leave, and pension contributions.
  • A freelancer is self-employed and works on a project basis for different clients. Freelancers are responsible for their own taxes, national insurance contributions, and other business expenses.
  • A contractor is similar to a freelancer in that they are self-employed and work on a project basis for clients. However, contractors typically work on larger, more complex projects and may have a team of employees or subcontractors working with them.

Full-time or Part-time

  • A full-time job is a position in which an employee works a typical 37.5- 40 hour week, on set working days. The exact number of hours per week may vary by festival, but generally, a full-time job requires a significant time commitment.
  • A part-time job is a position in which an employee works fewer hours than a full-time employee. Typically, part-time jobs require anywhere from a few hours to 30 hours per week.

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