The Festival City Volunteers are back!

The Festival City Volunteers are back! Team 2019 are ready to welcome and assist people in Edinburgh during August as they enjoy the unique experience of the Festival City.

As with the last two years, we have an amazing mix of nationalities, ages and interests. They all love Edinburgh, love Volunteering and love the Festivals.

Here we introduce some of our wonderful 2019 team!

"I am Chinese and have been living in Edinburgh for more than five years. Edinburgh is a multicultural and beautiful capital city of Scotland. I have been studying, working and living in this city as my second hometown.

"This is my second year as a Festival City Volunteer. Being drawn by the city’s culture and people is my motivation, to better support and help people integrate into the city.

"The project has a well supported and organised team; working with skills and enthusiasm with others who are just like your friends. During the festival you meet a lot of people all over the world, experience the diverse culture in the month, and feel the passion of the city.

"Participating in this world culture event is a memorable experience of a lifetime."


"After being in Edinburgh for 20 years and frequenting the Festivals every year, who wouldn't want to meet some of the visitors arriving in the city, hear a little about them, and pass on some local knowledge?

"Each visitor could return home enthusing over something I've recommended that isn't in a tourist guide.

"I thought it'd be really interesting to do something so customer facing when my regular job contains little of that. Of course, meeting a whole host of new people who are also volunteering is great fun and very worthwhile."


"From the moment I saw a 2017 Facebook post for Festival City Volunteers, I was hooked. Having always lived in Edinburgh and also attended lots of Festivals performances I reckoned it was ideal for me and I was encouraged to be a Team Leader - a new challenge.

"I loved meeting visitors and volunteers from all over the world, and collaborating with the people within my team, and some are still friends.

"I enjoyed it so much I returned as a Team Leader volunteer in 2018 and now it is 2019. Already I have met some lovely new people and caught up with other returners.

"I hope for not too much rain, to spread my love and pride and expand my knowledge of Edinburgh and its Festivals and maybe make new friends."


"Having volunteered my services in the mental health sector for many years I felt I needed a change and contacted Volunteer Edinburgh. My journey of fun as a Festival City Volunteer was about to start.

"We congregate for our shift, have a cup of tea whilst our team leader gives out information and instructions for the shift. We stick with our group for the entire shift as we join the happy throng of visitors.

"It never ceases to make me proud when visitors marvel at our beautiful city and may have travelled far and wide to enjoy a world of cultural events, with something for everyone."

Anne K:
"I joined the festival volunteering programme after seeing it advertised on the Volunteer Edinburgh website. My main motivations for joining were that I wanted to be involved in the Festival and doing something useful, being out and about in the city would mean I was in the thick of it.

"I also only moved to Edinburgh in November and am still in the process of getting settled so the volunteer opportunity also lets me expand my social circle and meet some like-minded people.

"I’m looking forward to helping to showcase Edinburgh to the world, having fun, being part of a great volunteer group and hopefully making some new friends."


"I am originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan and have lived in Edinburgh for 16 years and have felt that I have taken how unique and amazing Edinburgh is for granted!

"I was looking for a way to see my city through new eyes and explore all the amazing art and culture it has to offer. I have also been looking to get more involved and increase my job prospects in the creative scene.

"Being a Festival City Volunteer has given me the opportunity to fulfil these needs. It is also a great way of meeting so many lovely people and experience the festival with!"

All of our Team of 2019 can't wait to get started! If you see any of our Festival City Volunteers, resplendent in their orange t-shirts, make sure you say hello. They'll be happy to help with all your questions.

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