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We're incredibly proud of the multinational diversity of our Volunteer team, who all shared their knowledge and passion for Edinburgh to become outstanding ambassadors for the city. 

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Our volunteers included those who were born and bred in Edinburgh and across Scotland, alongside New Scots who had come to work or study. Each volunteer offered their own personal perspective on what the Festival City offered to visitors and locals alike. 

We asked five of our volunteers what makes Edinburgh such as special place to live in our visit: 

Angie D, Australia:

"I immediately fell in love with living in Edinburgh almost eight years ago.

"The city's blend of romantic-style architecture, green spaces and historical landmarks like the Castle makes you feel like you're living in a fairytale!

"I love the ease with which you can walk around the Botanic Gardens, explore and roam old cobblestone streets and hidden alleyways - or enjoy the amazing Tattoo and concerts on the Esplanade.

"But most of all, I love living in Edinburgh because of its strong cultural character."

Mhorag, Scotland:

"After living abroad and in the Scottish Borders for many years my move to Edinburgh this summer was the best decision I’ve ever made.

"It's a major city, but it's compact, which means all my favourite activities are within easy reach. Whether it's curling at Murrayfield or drinking a pint in one of Edinburgh's many welcoming pubs, the accessibility is second to none. 

"Excellent public transport, alongside green spaces which offer the option of walking, makes Edinburgh such a simple city to get around." 

Ian J, England:

"I've lived in Edinburgh for four and half years since moving from Devon and have loved every minute of it. 

"The city caters for all ages young and old and has an excellent mix of modern and old architecture, enriched by a rich history.

"Edinburgh is easily accessible by public transport - and if unsure there's always a local willing to give a friendly helping hand."

David G, Scotland:

"I came from the Scottish Borders to attend Edinburgh University when I was seventeen and I’ve stayed here ever since. 

"Edinburgh is a marvellous place - historical, cultural, cosmopolitan, vibrant and welcoming.

"It's small enough to have a centre easily reached from all parts of the city but large enough to encompass a wonderfully varied geographical landscape - from hills and lochs, parks and trees, and the Castle Rock and Arthur’s Seat. 

"Over the years I’ve been here Edinburgh has grown more diverse - more restaurants and bars, more cultures and languages. Long may the world come to Edinburgh, and long may Edinburgh be open to the world."

Paula, Poland: 

"I came to Edinburgh almost three years ago to visit my friend. It was just a five day holiday, but when I was in a plane home to Warsaw, I already knew I had to come back to stay. 

"Edinburgh captivated me with its architecture, history, atmosphere and very welcoming residents of the city. 

"I can’t imagine living anywhere else, as Edinburgh is a wonderful example of a city of culture, where there is always something interesting to do. 

"As an events management student, Edinburgh is a great place to gain experience. Being a Festival City Volunteer has also helped me learn new things about Edinburgh and meet many amazing people." 

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