Love is in the Air!

We love our Volunteers! Our diverse team are amazing ambassadors for Edinburgh, who take huge pride in showcasing the Festival City.

Candid FCVFestival City Volunteers helping visitors in August

They had many motivations in joining the project, but did being a Festival City Volunteer meet their hopes and expectations?

We asked some of our fantastic volunteers what they loved and enjoyed about being part of the team:


“Being retired it had become too easy to inhabit my own personal comfort zone - and I knew it - so time for a change.

“I enjoyed attending the Edinburgh Festivals, I knew the city like the back of my hand - and knew the Edinburgh tourists rarely experience. Why not share all this, I reasoned, as an act of cultural philanthropy?

“I did my bit and felt that in my own small way I actually participated in the Festivals rather than just spectating - and yes, I enjoyed it.”

FCV - Claire

Claire (above right in photograph):

"Becoming a Festival City Volunteer was certainly a good decision to make. Not only was I out and about in my beloved home city during the buzz of the Festivals, but I was able to communicate my knowledge of Edinburgh to all the visitors I met up with.

“It was lovely to meet so many people from all over the world and it made me very proud when they told me how much they were enjoying being in Edinburgh.

“It was great working in a team of volunteers and It was also a pleasure to work with such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of people.

“The experience has certainly given me a fantastic introduction to volunteering and has encouraged me to sign up as a volunteer on other projects.”


“I found being a Festival City Volunteer last summer very worthwhile, as it was an opportunity to see behind the scenes of the Edinburgh Festivals.

“Training provided the opportunity to meet those involved with running the Festivals and their knowledge proved very interesting.

“It was fascinating learning how they and other organisations - the voluntary sector, the council, Lothian Buses - come together. It was also very interesting to hear about the services provided for the disabled.

“I met many different volunteers - some younger, some older; some from Edinburgh, many from further afield. Being part of a team does nothing but good!”

FCV - Isabel

Isabel, above centre in photograph:

“Being a Festival City Volunteer was hard work but lots of fun. I loved the role and was eager to help visitors and swap experiences with my fellow volunteers. 

“We were a mixed bunch, from many nationalities and backgrounds, so it was always fascinating to discover who else was in my team. I learned so much - everyone was so generous and helpful, sharing their knowledge about Edinburgh as well as events and venues.

“The public really appreciated our tips and commented it was good that we were so visible and approachable. It really was win-win!”

Our volunteers embraced the feelgood factor sweeping the Festival City - they were a simple smile, a quick conversation, a handy hint, a clear direction. They were Edinburgh.

Thank-you to all the team for their knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm!

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