Engaging Communities

Edinburgh’s Festivals have always combined a confident, outward-looking internationalism with a deep commitment to Edinburgh and Scotland. Their value as sources of civic pride and positive national identity is widely recognised. However, there is a much less well-known story about their essential and extensive roles as creators of cohesion and as sources of inspiration and wellbeing for citizens and young people, in Edinburgh and across Scotland.

They contribute to a wide range of policy agendas and government initiatives from the Curriculum for Excellence and Scottish Attainment Challenge to health and wellbeing, from looked after children to empowering local communities.Much of this work is carried out through education or skills initiatives, charitable donations and bespoke programmes on scales that are small but transformative for the individuals involved. These are often designed for disenfranchised communities or groups with specific needs, such as health and social care environments, or specific cultural and geographic communities. The publication below provides a brief overview of some of these Festival programmes.


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