Innovation Materials

An innovation audit of the Festivals recommended that, given the capacity issues typical of most cultural organisations, there would be great potential in establishing a programme of work through the existing collaborative structure tasked with identifying and developing innovation opportunities across the festival community. This was the basis of the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab - also known as festivalslab for short - created in summer 2010.

We define innovation as the practice of taking new ways of thinking and doing the work necessary to move past the ideas stage to realise the resultant benefits. Digital technology is often the medium or enabler for innovation but is not synonymous with it. Innovation can either be incremental – supporting existing models, or radical – defining new models, and it requires practitioners to understand how much change and risk they are willing to experience in pursuit of the benefits. All of which means that contemporary innovation practice in the cultural sector needs to recognise and support not only the technological and business elements of innovation but also the human one.

The materials below provide an insight into some of the work we've undertaken.


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