Our Strategy

The following graphic illustrates our vision, mission and strategic prioritties:

Business Plan - graphic

Our Strategic Priorities are:

  • Research & Intelligence - the informed implementation of the Business Plan to support our Festivals individual and collective cultural and financial health.
  • Investment - into our Festivals’ programmes is maintained and enhanced from current funders, and developed from a broader range of partners
  • Policy - the integration of our festivals’ aims into the wider Government policy framework
  • Our City - our Festivals are key drivers for the city’s success and wellbeing and are supported through effective infrastructure and strong partnerships, based on a shared intent with the wider cultural, business and community ecology of the city
  • Audiences - our Festivals recognised as leading festival destinations by target audiences and key opinion formers
  • Reputation - Edinburgh recognised as leading festival city by key opinion formers, with reputations of Edinburgh Festivals and the festival city built and enhanced
  • Capacity - our Festivals and their leadership teams & individual staff members have the knowledge, skills and talent to ensure their long-term success, international competitiveness and ongoing ambition
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