Case Studies

Since the major Edinburgh Festivals started to formally collaborate, through the auspices of their own tailor-made organsiation Festivals Edinburgh, they have undertaken a number of ground-breaking projects.

Such work has led them to be described as 'pathfinders' for the wider cultural sector, a description that recognises that their breadth, depth and scale often allows them to undertake projects that others would find more difficult.

Below you can find a number of case studies outlinging such projects in areas such as programming, marketing , environment and innovation.

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  • Green Arts Initiative

    How we increased the visibility of our environmental efforts and built a collaborative community across the arts sector.

  • Creative Carbon Scotland

    How we set about addressing the global issue of environmental sustainability through the creation of a new spin-off company.

  • The Festivals API

    How we automated the provision of events listings to third party media groups

  • Impact Evaluation

    A groundbreaking study embraced the challenge of understanding & benchmarking the impacts of the Festivals beyond the purely financial.

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