What drink would each Festival be?

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While interviewing the directors and producers of Edinburgh's Festivals on their jobs and the history of their festivals, there was one particularly pressing point - just what drink would be best represent each of their festivals?

We now know... but based on the answers below, can you guess which is which?

Choosing from the Science Festival, Children's Festival, Film Festival, Jazz & Blues Festival, Art Festival, International Festival, Festival Fringe, Military Tattoo, Storytelling and Edinburgh's Hogmanay - who do you think would pick a drink like this...?

FestsAsDrinks Gin and Tonic 975x400

Our first festival opted for a classic Gin and Tonic with a local twist - but can you guess who is playing it cool? Click here to find out!

FestsAsDrinks Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster 975x400

Something out of this world for our next festival with Douglas Adams' famous fictional fizz, the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Find out which festival will be seeing stars.

FestsAsDrinks Nice wine 975x400

A refined palate from our next festival, who opted for a really nice glass of wine. Once you've 'poured' over it (sorry), click here to find out who it was.

FestsAsDrinks Whisky 975x400

Which festival is keeping it traditional, with a fine glass of whisky? No need for dram-a if you can't guess, just follow this link!

FestsAsDrinks Independent spirit 975x400

Sticking with the stronger stuff, this festival wants to have an independent spirit, and while they thrive on the unexpected, they also excel at playing it smooth. But who are they?

FestsAsDrinks Cocktail 975x400

A little bit of this and a little bit of that for our next festival as they opt for a cocktail. But can you guess who likes to take a diverse mix and bring it all together for something tasty? Find out right here!

FestsAsDrinks Spider 975x400

We're had some interesting choices so far, but have you ever heard of a Spider? That might depend where in the world you come from - round our way, it's known as a Float. Find out who's keeping things sweet.

FestsAsDrinks cider 975x400

Championing Scottish tradition, this festival has pressed for a vintage cider. We're sure you can work it out if you appl-e-y yourself, but if you can't pear to wait, click here!

FestsAsDrinks Caipirinha 975x400

Evoking the distant shores of Brazil, this festival has decided to go for a Caipirinha - find out who has a taste for the exotic.

FestsAsDrinks single malt 975x400

Just two drinks left to order, and another festival has gone for the Scottish angle, with a drop or two of single malt whiskyWant to know who's after that extra warmth?

FestsAsDrinks Wine Cellar 975x400

Last orders now, and our final festival is feeling generous, opening a whole wine cellar to its guests! But just who is offering us this great selection?

How did you do?

  • 11 correct - a connoisseur's palate
  • 8-10 correct - a high-quality pint
  • 4-7 correct - one too many?
  • 0-3 correct - a nasty hangover

To watch all of our videos with the directors and producers of Edinburgh's Festivals, check out our YouTube playlists.

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Note: This article is intended as a bit of fun but, in real life, please do remember to drink responsibly. For more information visit www.responsibledrinking.org

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