Putting the I in EISF

Edinburgh International Science Festival is just one month away, and with a theme of Building Better Worlds, here's our look at just how international the Festival is.

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The Festival (26 March - 10 April 2016) doesn't disappoint when it comes to big names in global science - for starters there's an appearance by 3-time Space Shuttle crew member, Jean-François Clervoy in Updates from Space

Clervoy, who has racked up 675 hours of spaceflight will be joined by guests from the UK Space Agency to share the latest updates on current UK astronaut Tim Peake, and will offer his insights into human spaceflight. 

Also appearing is Professor Richard Wiseman, described in Scientific American magazine as "the most interesting and innovative experimental psychologist in the world today", and owner of a YouTube channel which has almost 2 million subscribers and includes videos with as many as 36 million views. 

Prof Wiseman's Experimental: The Show that Plays with Your Mind promises to make participants "laugh, scream and gasp" as he guides you through some amazing psychology experiments. 

It's not just about the names though - the Edinburgh International Science Festival also earns its second initial through its programme of globally-focused issues

For instance, with Tiny Home Sweet Home, the festival hosts a discussion on how the world might cope in a future when, by 2060, the UN predicts that 66% of humans will live in urban environments. With space limited and demand increasing, are tiny residences the way forward? 

On a similar note, there's Feeding the 7 Billion in which a panel of experts on future food explore how to feed a world where production needs to double by 2050 to keep up. Could lab-grown meat or vertical farming provide answers? 

And in 2071: The World We'll Leave Our Grandchildren, Professor Chris Rapley will deliver a one-man play on the Earth's climate - past, present and potentially dangerous future. 

Find out more about Edinburgh International Science Festival, including links to the programme and ticketing details.

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