Fringe launches 2015 Edinburgh Airport ticket pick-up

Edinburgh Festival Fringe has launched its hugely popular Edinburgh Airport ticket pick-up point to make it even easier for travellers arriving for August's annual extravaganza. 


In advance of the opening day of the Fringe (7-31 August) thousands of attendees can now pick up tickets as soon as they touch ground at Edinburgh Airport’s domestic arrivals Fringe ticket collection point. 

Launched in 2014, the first airport ticket point saw 14,000 tickets picked up and with over 50,000 performances and 3,314 shows across 313 venues happening this year, travellers will have the chance to plan a Fringe itinerary before they’ve even reached the city center. 

Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, Kath M Mainland said: 

We’re absolutely delighted to be working with Edinburgh Airport once again to offer domestic and international customers the chance to collect their Fringe tickets as soon as they arrive in Edinburgh, our wonderful festival city.
We were thrilled that last year over 14,000 tickets were picked up at the airport collection point, and we’re delighted to be offering visitors this service again in 2015.

Gordon Robertson, Director of Communications at Edinburgh Airport and Chair of Marketing Edinburgh, added:

It’s incredibly exciting to see artists and audiences begin to arrive at Edinburgh Airport from all around the world for the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Edinburgh truly is the world’s leading festival city and I’ve no doubt that from the moment the customers collect their Fringe tickets from the Edinburgh Airport ticket collection point, right through to when they depart, many unforgettable and special memories will have been created

There are over 20 Fringe ticket collection points open across Edinburgh during the festival. For a list and for more information visit

Image: Gordon Robertson and Kath Mainland (credit Jane Barlow/Fringe)

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