Reusing & Recycling at the Edinburgh Fringe

On 25 and 26 of August, at the end of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, two very successful Reuse and Recycle days were held at Fringe Central.

They provided an opportunity for participants and guests to swap unwanted props and objects and recycle unused materials. This was the fifth year of the initiative, organised by The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society with support from Creative Carbon Scotland and Festivals Edinburgh.

Fringe participants and companies brought a huge variety of things to be recycled. As well as a vast amount of paper and wood, props and set materials dominated the collection. Highlights included a claw foot bath, two three-seater sofas, motorcycle helments, a Hi-Fi system, 28 identical stools and a decorative stainless steel tea set.

Other participants and Edinburgh residents came by to pick up things to be reused; local craftspeople and Gorgie City Farm claimed a significant amount of wood, while the 28 identical stools were taken by a man from Weem in Perthshire who is working on building a sustainable theatre. Those objects and materials not chosen on the day were donated to local charity stores or recycled. One walk-in skip was filled with paper alone! 

This initiative forms one of the many ongoing projects that are greening the festivals, ensuring that sustainable practice is at the heart of Edinburgh's cultural landscape. 

Image: Pearly

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