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Storytelling - PodcastAnother Story is a new 6-part podcast series exploring some of the themes featured in this year’s Scottish International Storytelling Festival Festival. Tune in to hear some wonderful storytellers share their favourite tales and chat about storytelling in Scotland and beyond.

So, settle down, or speed on up, to join us for another story…

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Episode One: Stories Not Often Told

In our first episode of Another Story we chat with two of the world’s leading storytellers, Peter Chand and Ruth Kirkpatrick who tell us about their passion for storytelling and their upcoming joint project, Shadow Walking, a storytelling performance with live music which seeks to excavate stories which are not often told, out of the shadows and onto centre stage

Episode 2: Migration and Sanctuary

In this episode we chat with two storytellers, Anna Conomos-Wedlock and Gauri Raje, who had never actually met before, but are both doing interesting work in similar areas of storytelling, exploring stories of migration and sanctuary. Both storytellers featured in the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2023.

Episode 3: Young Storytellers

Join us this week as we catch up with two of the UK's leading young storytellers, Ailsa Dixon and Ffion Phillips, to hear about their journeys so far and some of the stories they love to tell.

Episode 4: Illness and Mythology

In this episode we meet storytellers Svend-Erik Engh and Alice Fernbank. Two international storytellers, both living and working together in Edinburgh now. As you can imagine from the title, this chat explores some personal experiences of illness, and we are grateful to Svend-Erik and Alice for talking so candidly with us.

Episode 5: Storytelling's Reach

This week we explore storytelling's reach with two storytellers, Ailie Finlay and Claire McNicol, who have centred their work around community storytelling, especially with intergenerational and additional support groups. You can find out more about Ailie's sensory storytelling via My Kind of Book and more about Claire's work here.

Episode 6: Open Hearth

Our final episode in this first series is something a bit different from the previous five and a little bit special... We are delighted to share a full recording of the Open Hearth from the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2023, recorded live from the Netherbow Theatre in the Scottish Storytelling Centre. These sessions are relaxed and welcoming as storytellers and musicians share with the audience in the ceilidh tradition. Across this episode you’ll hear from storytellers Dougie MackayFiona Herbert and Tim Porteus, as well as beautiful music and song from Rachel Newton.

We really hope you enjoy this podcast series and that it inspires you to come along to some live storytelling yourself some day soon, whether in your hometown or with us here in Edinburgh.

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