Storytelling Festival 2015 - Stories Without Borders

Hospitality and intercultural welcome are at the heart of the 2015 Scottish International Storytelling Festival - Stories Without Borders


Across ten event-filled days and nights, the SISF will assemble expert storytellers from across Scotland and Europe, as well as from the Middle East and North Africa, to celebrate oral traditions and cultural diversity.

Watch the Scottish International Storytelling Festival's video rounding up the 2014 festival

Last year's festival, Once Upon a Place was a huge success with over 25,000 visitors and Festival Director Donald Smith aims to continue the trend with a programme embracing storytelling as an unconfined artform enriched by its surroundings:

Scotland’s identity is shaped first by our landscape with its varied contrasts of land and sea, highland and lowland, rural and urban. It’s very distinctive yet our geography also makes us a very open culture — Scots are often restless, passionate and enterprising but often divided between the tug of home and the need to branch out.
We’re not a conservative or backward-looking country but we do value our past and I always say to people that there is a richness and diversity about Scotland that the Storytelling Festival can showcase fantastically.

Issues explored by SISF15 are of global significance, with themes of War and Peace, Welcoming the Stranger, Between the Generations and Transforming Myths of Landscape.

The festival will celebrate humanity’s continuing capacity to devise and share experience through narrative, showing how stories can cross borders and build bridges.

SISF15 will also focus on digital platforms as a vehicle of wider live and digital dissemination, using everything from webcasts to digital mythography.

The full programme of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2015 will be announced in September. For more information, please visit the SISF website.

Image: Jess Smith at Hallowe'en Hearth, SISF 2014 (credit - Solen Collet)

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