Science Festival Launches

Science - 2022 Launch

In the year that sees the 75th anniversary of Edinburgh's birth as a world leading festival city, we’re delighted to get back to doing what we love most – delivering live events. The launch of the Edinburgh Science Festival programme [9 to 24 April] sees a return to their family hub at City Art Centre and two major new interactive exhibitions, alongside a vibrant and varied programme of other events for audiences of all ages in collaboration with a network of amazing partners.

The Festival's Revolutions theme celebrates the fact that it is 50 years since James Lovelock first referred to his revolutionary Gaia hypothesis in print – drawing public attention to the
interconnectedness of the delicate ecological cycles essential to sustaining life on Earth.

Focusing on everything from personal to planetary health – and with an unashamed emphasis on the urgency of tackling the climate crisis – the 2022 Festival will explore lifeforms, lifecycles, revolutionary ideas and solutions to global challenges. Revolutions in science and ideas have given us the scientific, industrial and now climate and data revolutions, each increasing our understanding of the Universe and our place in it. The Festival will be exploring these in two new interactive exhibitions, Consumed and DataSphere, and through a wider programme of Big Ideas talks and discussions, workshops and special sociable science events.

This year's Festival acts as a heartfelt call for a truly radical shift in the attitudes and behaviours of individuals, organisations and nations to combat the climate crisis and protect the delicately interconnected lifecycles of our planet. By embracing circular economies to ensure a successful and sustainable future EdSciFest 2022 aims to show how circular thinking can sometimes be a GOOD thing!

Join the Festival this April for what promises to be a joyful celebration of the role that science and technology and festivals play in our lives – bringing people together, creating new experiences, sharing the joy of discovery, shedding fresh light on the key issues shaping that future and celebrating the human spirit – and let the good times roll!

The 2022 Edinburgh Science Festival takes place from  9 to 24 April, and you can explore the porgramme online or download the programme brochure HERE 

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