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Edinburgh Science Festival will return from Saturday 9 to Sunday 24 April 2022 with the theme of Revolutions. Focusing on the power of circles and revolutionary approaches to everything from personal to planetary health – and with an unashamed emphasis on the urgency of tackling the climate crisis – the 2022 Festival will explore lifeforms, lifecycles and revolutionary science, technology, ideas and solutions to global challenges.

Ahead of the Festival, the team continue to develop their community and education programmes. Edinburgh Science Festival has an incredible 30 years' experience in delivering science education activities and since they started they've reached almost a million pupils.  Discover more about Edinburgh Science Learning's past and present projects HERE

In recent weeks the Festival has launched After School Science, a digital programme of short videos perfect for primary school aged children that explore fun science questions.

1. Exploring questions about The Human Body

2. Exploring Robots – How do robots see?

3. Exploring Forces – How does gravity work?

Keep your eyes open for more of the After School Science short videos by following the Festivals's social channels and remember to make a note of the dates for the next Edinburgh Science Festival which, with the theme of Revolutions, aims to show how going round in circles can sometimes be a GOOD thing!

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