5 Festivals, 25 Days, 30 Photos, Countless Memories

By Dan James, Festivals Edinburgh Blogger in Residence, August 2018

Dan headshot 300x300Wait, what? Has it flown by already?

Today I've got the blues. My mornings have started with the same set of activity every day for the past few weeks; checking programmes, messaging friends about what to see and trying to tick off a never-ending list of shows and activities.

However today, I've woken to a sad realisation that the summer Edinburgh Festivals season has come to an epic conclusion and I'm just going to have to revel in the memories of a fantastic August.

Here's to the good times, and a thank you to the good times...

CastlConcerts in Princes Street Gardens against the castle backdrop

EdFestsThe Gilded Balloon venue and garden

To the excellent venues that open their doors to us festival-goers. From the tiny pub basements to the giant beer gardens, your impressive teams have kept us watered, fed and happy throughout. From epic big-band shows in grand venues to the solo-stand up sets for performers on the Royal Mile, thank you. The venues for the five Edinburgh Festivals this month have provided me, and many others, with countless memories. 

EdFests14My nearly-second-home, Bristo Square

EdFests26The serene setting of Jupiter Artland for Art Late

EdFests19Hanging out at the Circus Hub in the Meadows, a colourful wonderland

To Edinburgh itself, you beautiful city you. Thanks for keeping the atmosphere going from sunrise to well after sunset, to your volunteers, street-cleaners and all the awesome heroes that keep this city ticking for the month so we can revel in the magic. To the quiet corners where we can take a moment to reset, to the buzzing streets where we get lost in the chaos, thank you for welcoming us from all around the world.

EdFests1Admiring the impressive Tattoo setting from a quiet spot

EdFests2Enjoying the beautiful old streets of central Edinburgh

To heading #IntoTheUnknown and embracing all the wonderful, wacky and weird moments that come with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. To the street performers, the magicians, the acrobats and all the other talent that roams the Royal Mile pointing us in the direction of the next big thing.

EdFests15Heading Into The Unknown at the Fringe

EdFests30Street performers on the Royal Mile

To the Silent Discos which have taken over the city and put smiles on faces, to the comedians, actors, singers and performers who have taken us on a journey, or on a stage, thank you, you've helped make memories that will last a lifetime.

EdFests29Did you even come to the Fringe if you didn't go on a Silent Disco walk?

EdFests16Enjoying talents of different Fringe Shows

To the unique places for allowing us to venture into your spaces for unforgettable events. From Friday Fringe Takeovers at the National Museum of Scotland to the Book Festival at the usually closed off Charlotte Square Gardens, thanks for letting us see Edinburgh in a different light once again.

EdFests17Inside the National Museum of Scotland for Friday Fringe Takeover

EdFests20Charlotte Square Gardens after the Book Festival closes for the night

EdFests21The Spiegeltent at the Book Festival hosted authors from around the world

To the Spiegeltents that have hosted authors and thinkers from around the world, to the Wildlife Gardens that have served up pizza in mud ovens and convinced us we are artists. From the star-studded array of permanent theatres and performing arts spaces in the city to the directors who literally brought their own 'Homes' for us to celebrate in, thank you.

EdFests10Marveling at the production of Home, Kings Theatre

EdFests23Finding hidden gems in the city at Johnston Terrace Wildlife Garden

EdFests24Making pizza in a wood-oven, pizza is art, right?

To the casts who aren't afraid to break down the fourth wall and take us on a journey, to the discussion panels that aren't afraid to strike up critical conversations, thank you for your talent and bringing up important questions.

EdFests11Seeing Scottish talent at The Hub in Midsummer, where the audience are part of the set

EdFests12Joining in bigger disccusions with a perfomers' panel

To the talented people who have travelled from across the world, thank you for sharing your best at the festivals, for bringing your stories and celebrations to this beautiful city and us.

EdFests3Mexico, one of many international acts at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

EdFests22Becoming a fan of Electric Fields, performing at the Book Festival's Unbound

To the directors who aren't afraid to challenge the norm, to take risks to entertain us, to the producers who invest in new talent and productions and keep creativity flowing through the veins of this city, thank you.

EdFests18The talented cast of Tabernak at the Circus Hub

EdFests9Opera with a modern twist as part of the International Festival

From morning coffee to the final moments of reflection, thank you for keeping our senses alive and our creativity flowing. For bringing conversations to the forefront and helping us learn, think and reflect over the past few weeks.

EdFests25Talbot Rice Gallery at Edinburgh University 

EdFests7Joan as Police Woman at new venue, Leith Theatre

To everyone else who has attended, thank you for being an awesome group to share this month with. To everyone involved, the silent heroes of the festivals whom we might not know, thank you for giving us this awesome festival city.

EdFests8Lau Laund, presented by Lau at Leith Theatre

And of course, for bringing your tartan, bagpipes and international friends to the Castle Esplanade each night with absolute perfection. 

EdFests4Quite the spectacle: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

EdFests6But the performers aren't just on the Castle Esplanade    

To the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and the team who set up such an exceptional fireworks display to say goodnight and goodbye, thank you for saying it with the biggest bang possible.

EdFests27The Scottish Chamber Orchestra wowing the crowds at the Virgin Money fireworks

EdFests28The 2018 Festivals come to a close with a bang!

And lastly, to the Festival City, THANK YOU... same time next year?

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